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Benchworld Pneumatic 30" Long Adjustable Piano Bench

Benchworld Pneumatic 30" Long Adjustable Piano Bench
Benchworld Pneumatic 30" Long Adjustable Piano Bench Benchworld Pneumatic 30" Long Adjustable Piano Bench
Brand: Bench World
Product Code: Pneumatic-701
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Bench World is one of the finest high quality benches and considered as having one of the Largest selection of piano benches in North America. Manufactured by: Hidrau Model.

It's finally here!!
We now have a Pneumatic Piano Bench (also known as hydraulic) with a modern elegant look and design.
This piano bench comes only in Polished Ebony at the moment. We do accept orders in other colors but a min quantity of 50 pieces is required. Adjustable height from 18-22.5". The cushion for this piano bench is 27" long by 14" Wide. It comes with 11 deep diamond tufted buttons with a premium quality synthetic leather top.

The Mechanism:
It's called Pneumatic because it is controlled by two nitrogen gas cylinders. Oil based cylinders are called hydraulics. By turning the knob half way the cylinders are activated and the bench will go down if you are sitting on the bench and if not it will raise up. The average weight required for the mechanism to work is 100lb. Much like an office chair. So a child cannot adjust the bench down easily. You have to sit on the bench or help them by applying pressure on the cushion for the seat to go down.

Warranty: This bench comes with a limited one year warranty provided by benchworld.
If the bench is abused by the user then the warranty will be void. We do sell parts for this bench however. You can purchase the entire mechanism all put together in the future. To extend the life of the mechanism you must avoid lowering the bench too quickly. You can avoid this by turning the knob slowly while seated or simply standing up and pushing the bench down by using your knee. This piano bench is designed to handle maximum weight of 200 lb while being lowered. Once it is adjusted to the right height, then it can handle up to 350 lb. So if you are a heavy person you must stand up and lower the bench using your hand or your knee. Or simple lowering the bench very slowly to avoid hitting the bottom rubbers that are inside the mechanism. By lowering the bench too quickly you can cause damage to the rubbers inside the mechanism and the bench will be a bit wobbly afterwards. This is not covered under warranty. If the gas mechanism stops working within a year then you must return the bench to an authorized benchworld repair dealer and we will send them parts. Parts and labour is fully covered but shipping cost and return fee are not covered.

Size 20" Long x 14" Wide 17" Adjustable up to 22" High

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